BLABO® Tank Cleaning System integrates the unique SNS®- Nozzles which are specially designed, proven, and tested. Our nozzles ensure a high degree of efficiency with their far-reaching, low-pressure, high-impact jets, which produce a precise 360-degree indexed pattern.

We offer two SNS® options:

TE-SNS® Installed via SafeTap® Process

RL-SNS® Installed through sleeves of the tank roof legs

SNS® – Single Nozzle Sweepers

SNS® Benefits:

  • High impact with 105 ft. throw length
  • Hydraulically driven
  • PLC operated and controlled
  • Customizable programming allows operators to target specific areas and/or washing patterns specific to the cleaning needs
  • Proven technology that has been tested worldwide
  • ATEX-Certified
  • Approved for operation in potentially hazardous atmospheres Zone 0/1
  • Nozzle rotation allows ALL inner surface of the tank to be cleaned
  • A total of 16 nozzles can be utilized on an individual tank and are placed within 60 ft. of each other to achieve an indexed washing pattern

Stainless Steel 304/316, NBR, bronze

  • RL-SNS® without drive unit: 78.3 lbs
  • TE-SNS® without drive unit: 143.3 lbs
  • Drive Unit: 26 lbs

43.5 – 217 psi (3 – 15 bar)

179°F (82°C)

10” ANSI Class 150 Flange

  • Victaulic 3” (standard)
  • DN80 PN16 Flange (option)
  • 3” ANSI Class 150 Flange (option)

HMI: Explosion proof touch screen
PLC: Allan Bradley PLC

  • ATEX- certified for operation in 1G/Zone 0 and 2G/Zone 1
  • EC- Type Examination Certificate Number: Baseefa06ATEX0079X